India is on track to become the third largest aviation market by 2034

The commercial aircraft market in India has become as preferred by aircraft Airbus consolidated in 2015 with 250 new firm orders, raising the market share of orders and fleet in service for more than 70 percent. Today about 56 percent of commercial aircraft in India are Airbus aircraft. This includes the first A320neo India, the first to be delivered in the Asian region.

The air traffic growth is driven by factors such as urbanization, tourism, trade, growth of wealth, as seen by the growing middle class. India's population is set to surpass China in 2025, and according to Oxford Economics, the number middle class in India will exceed 600 million people, more than double the US. By 2034 it estimated that Indian passengers will fly on average four times cheaper than the present day.

As a result, traffic to the Indian market is expected to grow at 8.4 percent per year over the next 20 years, well above the world average of 4.6 percent. The Indian domestic traffic will grow faster at 9.3 percent - making India become an emerging leader country in the aviation market.

"Aviation in India has a bright future. As the industrial power of India is growing along with economic development, wealth creation and an increase in the number of scheduled flights. Airbus offers a range of aircraft products from 100 to more than 600 passengers to serve the Indian public and this growing demand, "said Kiran Rao, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy of Airbus.

According to the latest forecasts of Airbus Market Forecast to in 20 years, between 2015 and 2034, India will require 1,600 new passenger aircraft and freighters to help the growth of this demand. A value of $ 224 billion include 1,230 new single-aisle aircraft and 380 widebody aircraft for passenger and cargo aircraft. In 2035, the number of Indian cities will more than triple.

Today Airbus A320 Family comprises for the single-aisle market, the popular A330, the new A350 XWB in the mid-size widebody category and the A380 in the segment Very Large Aircraft (VLA). In the freighter market, Airbus currently offers the program to convert A330 passenger-to-freighter (A330P2F) and the new A330-200F.

Highlights of India for 20 years from now, according to Airbus Market Forecast:

• More than 70% of fleet orders and backlog in service, 56% of the fleet in service; 
• 8.4% annual growth in passenger traffic (global average of 4.6%); 
• You will need new aircraft: more than 1,200 single-aisle, widebody 400 - US $ 224 billion; 
• Number of Indian middle classes increasing by 50% to over 600 million by 2024; 
• Population rising to 1.4 billion by 2024 - surpassing China as the most populous 


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