Airbus in the market 2016

Airbus in the market 2016

Airbus had a good start 2016, especially when it comes to family of widebody aircraft, the most sold with 16 orders in January 2016, comprising a total of 14 new A330-900neo of an undisclosed customer and two for A320ceo CALC (China Aircraft Leasing Company), a lessor based in Hong Kong. The announcement was made today (02.16) in the marketplace Singapore Air Show 2016, held at the Changi Exhibition Centre until February 21 2016.

The main highlight of Airbus deliveries until January 2016 was the first A320neo, which was to Lufthansa, the launch customer of the best-selling aircraft manufacturer single corridor. Including the first A320neo, Airbus delivered a total of 22 aircraft in January to 18 guests, including 17 A320 Family, four A330s and one A380.

Airbus in the market 2016

Reinforcing and leadership in the Asia-Pacific region

Airbus in 2015 has further strengthened its market leadership position in the Asia-Pacific region, delivered 282 new aircraft to 40 operators and won 421 net orders from 17 airlines and lessors in the region. This represents 44 percent of the total production of the company destined for the Asia-Pacific region, with 703 aircraft during 2015 reflecting the region's importance to the manufacturer.

Moreover, the Catalog prices, won an advertised adjustment in early January of this year (click here to view).

With the increase until the end of 2015, total gross orders for Airbus aircraft was 1190 (valued at US $ 159.9 billion) and total net orders represented 39 percent of the company with 1,080 aircraft (worth US $ 141.6 billion). Airbus ended the year 2015 with a backlog of 6831 aircraft worth US $ 1.1 trillion at list price.

Airbus in the market 2016
Regional results were announced today by Fabrice Brégier, Airbus President and CEO and John Leahy, Director of Customer Operations at the opening of the Singapore Air Show 2016.

"The Asia Pacific region has traditionally been one of our strongest markets," said Fabrice Brégier. "In recent years we have consolidated our position with our full range of modern and efficient products. We expect this trend to continue in coming years, especially in the widebody market where the A350 XWB is setting new standards in the category 300-400 seats."

Looking ahead, Airbus expects the Asia-Pacific can continue to lead demand for new aircraft over the next 20 years.

Presenting company's latest forecast for the region, John Leahy said that an annual increase of 5.6% passenger traffic contribute for an order of 12,800 new planes worth $ 2 trillion. This represents 40% of world demand for 32,600 aircraft in the next 20 years, and includes almost half in wide-body aircraft in the world and more than a third of all single-aisle aircraft.

"Asia-Pacific will continue to experience stronger growth than any other region in the world as more people fly with more frequency," said John Leahy.

For the president, the manufacturer will be especially well positioned to respond to this demand in each size category. From 100 to more than 500 seats, and all types of flights - from short to long distance.

Over the past 10 years, Airbus recorded the share leader in sales in the Asia-Pacific region in both market categories - single-aisle and wide body. Were 64 percent of net orders in the single-aisle category with the A320 Family, while the family of widebody Airbus aircraft - the A330, A350 XWB and A380 - won 56 percent of orders during this period.

Airbus in the market 2016

Asia-Pacific 20 Year Market Forecast - Headline Figures 
• 5.6% annual growth in passenger traffic (global average 4.6%)  

• Asia-Pacific fleet will grow from 5,600 today to 14,000 

• Demand for 12,810 new aircraft valued at USD 2 trillion 

• 40% of total world demand for 32,600 aircraft over next 20 years 

• 3,760 twin aisle and 720 very large aircraft = 46% of global widebody demand (9,600) 

• 8,330 single aisle aircraft = 36% of global single-aisle demand (23,000)

Airbus in the market 2016

Net orders 2006 - 2015 in Asia-Pacific region  
• Single aisle - Airbus: 2,924 out of a total of 4,589 = 64% 

• Widebody - Airbus: 666 out of a total of 1,187 = 56%

Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is the leading commercial aircraft manufacturer with the most modern, comprehensive and efficient family of airliners, ranging in capacity from 100 to more than 500 seats. Employing some 55,000 people, Airbus champions innovative technologies and has sold over 16,300 aircraft to around 400 customers worldwide. Airbus has design and manufacturing facilities in France, Germany, the UK, and Spain, as well as subsidiaries in the US, China, Japan, India and in the Middle East. In addition, it provides the highest standard of customer support and training through an expanding international network.


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