Boeing Starts Higher Assembly Stage of the First Boeing 787-10

Boeing Starts Higher Assembly Stage of the First Boeing 787-10

Boeing Commercial Airplanes began the largest assembly of the first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. This will be the recent and important milestone in the development of the newest member of the family 787. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., a partner of Boeing, began installing the circular frames in the fuselage midforward section on March 14th, a total of two weeks before the predicted.

"From core set early underscores the commitment, discipline and performance of the entire team of Boeing and partners around the world," said Ken Sanger, vice president of the Boeing 787. Development "We are taking all the right steps to ensure that the 787-10 integrates seamlessly in production system."

As a direct extension of the 787-9, which entered service in 2014, Boeing 787-10 designed for both greater efficiency and maximum similarity. Ninety-five percent of the design and construction of 787-10 to 787-9 will be identical, reducing the complexity, cost and risk throughout the production system, providing operational benefits for the customers.

The 787-10, which will be submitted for final assembly of the Boeing South Carolina in North Charleston, which will set a new benchmark in terms of efficiency when deliveries begin in 2018. With a robust ability to reach spanning more than 90 percent the double world corridor routes, the 787-10 will deliver 25 percent improvement in fuel burn and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions than the aircraft they will replace, and at least 10 percent improvement than its competitors in the future.

To date, the 787-10 won 153 orders from nine major customers around the world, accounting for 13 percent of all 787 ordered.


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