Boeing Delivers 737 to Nok Air and Offers Training to its Pilots

Boeing Delivers 737 to Nok Air and Offers Training to its Pilots

Boeing delivered to Nok Air its 21 Boeing 737-800 NG (Next-Generation) during a ceremony at the Delivery Center manufacturer Boeing in Seattle. The celebration marked the third delivery of the 737-800 to Nok Air, after a direct purchase with the North American manufacturer.

"We are extremely pleased to welcome a new 737-800s to our entire fleet by Boeing," said Patee Sarasin, CEO of Nok Air. "The 737 provides us an efficiency and reliability that is necessary to succeed in this today's competitive environment. this aircraft will continue to form the backbone of our fleet and we look forward to providing our customers with the best flying experience on board our new aircraft. "

Nok Air pilots were sent to the Boeing Flight Services to start a flight training program that will help the airline to strengthen the capabilities of the crew quickly expanding Nok Air.

"Quality Boeing flight training program will continue to help us grow our crew. Our passengers deserve to be transported by best drivers in the market and we are working diligently to see that our quality is excellent, as our operations" Sarasin said.

Boeing Flight Services provides integrated training to drive optimized performance, efficiency and advanced flight safety, maintenance and cabin safety training as well as support simulator and services through a global network of campuses on six continents.

According to statistics conducted in 2015 by Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook, predicts that demand for people in the aviation industry closely linked to projections and new aircraft deliveries around the world will be 226,000 new pilots of commercial airline and 238,000 new technicians will be needed in the Asia-Pacific region by 2034.

"There is a growing demand for well-trained pilots in Thailand, and we look forward to working with Nok Air, as they continue to expand their operations in the bustling Asia-Pacific region," said Steve Taylor, chief pilot of the Boeing Flight Services.

Asia leads the world in demand for new deliveries of commercial aircraft in the next 20 years. By 2034, it is expected 14,330 new planes; a value of $ 2.2 trillion in the sector will be needed in the region, according to the Current Market Outlook, Boeing conducted in 2015.

By providing customers with the support and services they need, such as pilot training, Boeing offers customers a competitive advantage by solving real operational problems, enabling better decisions, maximizing efficiency and improved environmental performance.


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