Embraer E2 - Rollout Happens Today - Live Broadcast (February 25)!

Embraer E2 - Rollout Happens Today - live broadcast (February 25)!

Embraer E2 - Rollout Happens Today - live broadcast (February 25)!
Embraer will present on Thursday (February 25) made the first jet of the second generation of the family of commercial aircraft E-Jets, the E-Jets E2. The ceremony will be at Embraer's headquarters in São José dos Campos, and the model to be presented is the E190-E2, which has its first flight scheduled for the second half of 2016 and the entry into service in 2018. The other two planes the second generation, the E195 and E175-E2-E2, are scheduled to enter service in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

"It will be gratifying to see the first E190-E2 roll out of the hangar where will the start of the tests leading up to first flight," said Paulo Cesar Silva, President & CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation. "The second generation of E-Jets will allow current and future operators to incorporate the aircraft that are more modern, with a significant reduction in operating cost and unmatched passenger comfort."

With an investment of USD 1.7 billion, the E-Jets E2 program was launched in June 2013. Since then, E2s has achieved a portfolio of 267 firm orders plus 373 options and purchase rights, with airlines and leasing companies among its customers. Currently, the family of E-Jets possess about 70 clients in transactions in 50 countries.

The E2 program reaffirms Embraer's commitment to continuously invest in commercial jets line the company and to maintain its leading position in the aircraft segment 70-130 seats. The aircraft will have state-of-the-art engines with Pratt & Whitney PurePower (PW1700G the E175-E2, E2-PW1900G the E190 and E195-E2). Combined with new wings aerodynamically advanced, full fly-by-wire flight controls, and improvements to other systems, E2s achieves significant reductions in fuel consumption, maintenance costs, emissions and reduction of external noise.

Embraer Commercial Aviation

Embraer is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial jets that seat up to 130 passengers. Almost 900 aircraft from 37, 44 and 50 seats with family of ERJ 145 regional jets have been delivered to airlines since its introduction in 1996. The E-Jet family includes four major aircraft that have between 70-130 seats. The E170, E175, E190 and E195 that sets the standard in its class, with its advanced engineering, high efficiency, spacious cabin, ergonomic with configured seats two-by-two, eliminating the middle seat, and an attractive operating economics . Since the E-Jets entered service in 2004, Embraer has received 1,700 firm orders for this aircraft family. More than 1,200 have been delivered.

In 2013, Embraer launched the E-Jets E2, the second generation of its family of E-Jets aircraft consists of three new aircraft - E175-E2, E2-E190, E195-E2 - seating 70-130 passengers. The E190-E2 is expected to enter service in the first half of 2018. The E195-E2 is scheduled to enter service in 2019 and the E175-E2 in 2020.
It IS MORE THAN FLY will attend another milestone in the Brazilian commercial aviation and you can watch it live here:

Embraer E2 - Rollout Happens Today - live broadcast (February 25)!


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