Azul "takeoff" in another Pink October. Check the news!

MORE THAN FLY Group | Azul "takeoff" in another Pink October. Check the news!

The Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras reaches the sixth consecutive year as supporter of the ''Pink October'', the main social cause embraced by the company. To mark the beginning of the various actions of dissemination of prevention of breast cancer, the airline launches starting today a campaign on social networks with the hashtag #AzulmaisRosa.

In it, passengers are aboard one of the two company's color pink or traveling with a flight attendant or pilot dressed in the color symbol of the campaign aircraft, are invited to make a picture, mark it with the hashtag and post it on the networks, always with Azul references in  ''Pink October''.

These images may appear in the blue spaces on the internet or in the Azul Magazine, inflight magazine of the company, in the November issue. The company will select the best images to special threads in their fanpages on networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as look Azul section, which includes photos of passengers in-flight magazine.

So that more people can photograph the pink crew - a mark already registered company throughout  ''Pink October'' - the company decided to do something different this year:

Instead of concentrating pink-clad pilots and flight attendants only in an aircraft, as they always have, the Azul decided this time spreading them throughout Brazil. This means that from today, passengers can find your flight only pink flight attendant or pilot a rose. In this way, more flights will receive these ambassadors of the cause Azul and the prevention message will be broadcast by more cities.

MORE THAN FLY Group | Azul "takeoff" in another Pink October. Check the news!

Other actions

In addition to the campaign, during this month, the traditional gelatin candies distributed free on flights of Azul, earning pink packaging, special flavors associated with color - strawberry, tutti-frutti and grape - and carry the theme message of this year the company's shares:

Prevention tips will be given in all the speeches made by the crew on flights, as well as weekly posts in the company's social networks.

On 5th, also in partnership with the Lasso Pink Foundation, the Azul attend the color pink lighting of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. In the days 18-25th, the company will participate, respectively, rowing events, cycling and walking in Niteroi - also promoted by the Foundation. In these actions, the Azul distribute informational materials in relation to the fight against breast cancer.
More novel initiatives will be announced soon by the Azul.


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