TAM Museum temporarily suspending its activities

TAM Museum temporarily suspending its activities

Last Saturday (jan, 30) - Press the airline industry, said the closure of the TAM Museum activities, located in São Carlos, in São Paulo.

Contact the press office of TAM and the airline in a statement said:

TAM Museum temporarily suspending its activities

The TAM Museum, located in the São Carlos city, with its activities will be suspended temporarily. This decision is linked to the worsening of the economic challenges of the Brazil, caused by rising inflation and the rise in the dollar against the Real, resulting in a downturn in the airline industry. This scenario has demonstrated the need for an internal economic feasibility study of the museum, which is expected to occur this year.

During this analysis, the museum's activities will be suspended.

TAM also points out, who tried in every way to seek alternatives to keep the operation in space, but unfortunately facing a challenging economic environment, it was not possible.

We hope that our country will improve the economic situation you are in and that the museum again open the doors again with this rich air assets, telling a little of the history of Brazilian aviation and the world!

About Museum

Located 15 kilometers from São Carlos in São Paulo and 250 kilometers to the state metropolis, the TAM Museum possess more than 20,000 m2 area and with the seal to be the world's aviation museum maintained by an airline Private. The TAM museum was created from the restoration of an old single-engine Cessna from Amaro brothers, who inspired them in the realization of the dream of preserving aviation memory and honor a man who for over 100 years dreamed that he could fly. Their hard and persistent work led to the realization of what is now one of the most modern transportation in the world. Today we have more than 90 aircraft between pioneers, classic, jets and fighters, most of them in full flight conditions, as well as simulators, multimedia tunnel, Space TAM Kids, space propulsion, control tower, Fashion space and a wing devoted exclusively to evolutionary trajectory of TAM is to enter a time tunnel, to a unique experience of the past in which we are keen to guide you.


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